Application case of cement foaming machine

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                  "Huahan" cement foam cement board is sought after by the sales market

                  The cement foam cement board technology of Hebei HUAHAN Machinery Equipment Construction Co., Ltd. is widely used in the construction. The technology application is relatively perfect and the sales market response is good. It is always popular among all the thermal insulation materials of the enterprise.

                  After several years of exploration of technology application level, "Huahan" cement foam cement board technology application has been gradually improved, after the training of the sales market, we have obtained a good reputation, has a lot of high-quality users, many high-quality projects, such as: Chinese cultural and ecological sightseeing park; Yangxian Mianyang Taoyuan City square; Yangxian Red Cross Hospital; Yangxian City Star; hanjingguo Jida hotel; Tianhan imperial city; Hanzhong Qingshuiwan; Hanzhong sewage treatment station, etc!
                  What characteristics and advantages does the cement foam cement board have? It is widely sought after by the sales market. The cement foam cement board is made up of foaming machine foaming system at the construction site, foaming agent fully foamed in the form of mechanical equipment, and the mixing of foam plastic and cement mortar. After that, the pumping system of high pressure foaming machine is used for cement construction. It is the 1 kind of foamed lightweight concrete high strength raw material, its characteristic is in the concrete internal structure produces closed foam plastic hole, makes the concrete light concrete, high strength.
                  (1) Thermal insulation: heat transfer coefficient is 0.06-0.28w / (m.k), thermal resistance is about 10-20 times of concrete.
                  (2) Lightweight concrete: dry bulk density of 300-1600kg / m3, equivalent to about 1 / 5-1 / 8 of general concrete. It can reduce the overall bearing capacity of the building.
                  (3) Integrity: the casting construction on the construction site is closely linked with the main project, leaving no boundary gap and ventilation pipe.
                  (4) Low elastic shock absorption: the porous structure of cement foam concrete makes it have low elastic modulus, and has good shock absorption and dispersion function for impact bearing capacity.
                  (5) Sound insulation: there are many independent bubbles in cement foamed concrete, which are evenly distributed. Its sound absorption is 0.09-0.19%, which is 5 times of that of concrete. It has reasonable sound insulation function.
                  (6) Compressive strength: compressive strength 0.6-25.0mpa.
                  (7) Water resistance: the water absorption of cement foam concrete is relatively small, the closed cell bubble is relatively independent, the integrity is good, and has certain waterproof performance.
                  (8) Durability: same as the service life of main works.
                  (9) Simple construction: automatic operation can be realized only by using cement foaming machine, and long-distance transportation with vertical height of 200m can be realized, and the workload is 150-300m3 / working day.
                  (10) Environmental protection: raw materials for foamed concrete are cement and foaming agent. The foaming agent is neutral and does not contain harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde. Environmental pollution and fire hazard are avoided.
                  (11) Economy: low comprehensive cost.
                  Due to the advantages of high strength of lightweight concrete and the improvement of project progress and quality, Huahan is mainly used in building surface thermal insulation, floor heating insulation layer, building fire isolation belt, road and Bridge lightweight concrete filling, and the cast-in-place wall will be mostly used in the construction of light steel villa project.
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