Cement foaming machine

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                  The main characteristics of cement foaming machine are as follows:

                  1. Fire and heat insulation
                  Foamed cement board is a class a non combustible inorganic thermal insulation material with fire resistance of more than 3 hours. When used in buildings, it can improve the fire resistance of buildings. Because the closed cell ratio is more than 95%, it has good thermal insulation performance.
                  2. Lightweight shock resistance
                  The product has light bulk weight, dry volume, density of about 250kg / m3, and vibration resistance.
                  3. Sound insulation
                  The sound absorption effect is about 5 times higher than that of ordinary concrete, and the sound insulation coefficient is more than 45dB.
                  4. Convenient construction and high efficiency
                  It is convenient for construction, short construction period, no sand, cement and other materials are needed in the construction. The materials are stacked in a simple, efficient and small volume. It takes less resources such as site equipment, and there is no construction waste. After the construction is completed, there is no need for plastering. The traditional block wall needs 12 people and 60 minutes of construction, and the foam cement board only needs 3 people and 60 minutes to complete, which saves the labor cost.
                  5. Strong compressive strength and cohesive force
                  The special fiber is used in the foamed cement board, which increases the compressive strength of the foam cement board. According to the inspection of the national professional testing organization, the bending failure load is more than 3 times of the bearing weight (1.5 times of the national standard), the compressive strength is more than 5 / MPa (the national standard is 3.5 / MPA), and the hanging force is more than 1500 / N (the national standard is 1000 / N).
                  6. Non toxic, harmless, environmental protection and energy saving
                  Foamed cement board is mainly made of cement and fly ash. It will not burn at high temperature and has no toxic chlorine release. It is a safe and environmental protection material. It is supported by domestic industrial policy as a waste recycling product.
                  7. Long life
                  The design life of buildings in China is generally 50-100 years, and the service life of foamed cement board is more than 50 years, which is the same as that of buildings.
                  Foamed cement boards have been widely used in large span industrial buildings, warehouses, large locomotives, stadiums, exhibition halls, airports, large public utilities, movable houses, and residential buildings such as insulation and insulation in residential interlayer, residential buildings, etc.
                  Comparison of class a non combustible materials on the market
                  (1) Although rock wool and mineral wool board is inorganic material, the possibility of aging and degumming can't be avoided by pressing it with organic glue. Moreover, it has the disadvantages of water absorption, low tensile strength, and environmental protection, which is harmful to the health of construction personnel. Rock wool used in building thermal insulation method is not qualified, the key is that the quality of rock wool for building insulation can not meet the needs of building application.
                  (2) The foamed phenolic board is not inorganic material in the full sense, and can only reach grade B1. There are also some problems, such as large rigidity, easy to break, not easy to nail and drill holes, easy to absorb moisture, easy to pulverize, expensive, construction binder is organic material, low bond strength. In the application of external wall insulation, the bigger problem is how to go on the wall.
                  (3) Foamed glass and foamed ceramics are high-temperature sintering materials with high production energy consumption, limited clay resources, low closed cell rate of foamed glass, high cross-section water absorption, high thermal conductivity of foam ceramic board, and high thermal conductivity of foam ceramic board


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