What is foaming cement? What are the characteristics of foaming cement

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                  In the decoration time also useful to the needs of cement, such as to rebuild the indoor pattern, the current cement can be divided into many kinds, such as foam cement, but what is foam cement? People who have limited knowledge of cement will be very curious about the characteristics of this kind of cement. What are the characteristics of foam cement?
                  1、 What is foaming cement
                  Foamed cement is foamed through mechanical foaming system and foamed with cement slurry evenly. Then, a new lightweight thermal insulation material with large number of closed pores is formed through the natural maintenance of the cast-in-situ construction or molding by the pumping system of the foaming machine. It is a bubble like insulation material, which is characterized by the formation of closed foam holes inside the concrete, which makes the concrete lightweight and thermal insulation. It is suitable for indoor decoration.
                  2、 What are the characteristics of foamed cement
                  1. The thermal resistance of foamed cement is about 10-20 times of that of ordinary concrete.
                  2. Foamed cement is equivalent to about 1 / 5 ~ 1 / 8 of ordinary cement concrete, which can reduce the overall load of buildings.
                  3. The porosity of foamed cement makes it have low elastic modulus, so it has good absorption and dispersion effect on impact load.
                  4. Foamed cement contains a large number of independent bubbles, and the distribution is uniform, which is 5 times of the ordinary concrete, and the sound insulation effect is very good.
                  5. Compressive property: the compressive strength of foamed cement is 0.6-25.0mpa.
                  6. Water resistance: the water absorption of cast-in-place foaming cement is small, relatively independent closed bubble and good integrity, with certain waterproof function.
                  7. Simple construction: the automatic operation can be realized only by using the cement foaming machine, and the long-distance transportation with the vertical height of 200m can be realized, and the workload is 150-300m3 / working day.
                  8. Production and processing: foamed cement can not only produce various products in the factory, but also be used for construction on site. It can be directly cast into roof, floor and wall, and can be sawed, planed, nailed and drille
                  9. Environmental protection: the raw materials for foaming cement are cement and foaming agent. The foaming agent is neutral and does not contain harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, thus avoiding environmental pollution and fire hazards.
                  10. Economy: the comprehensive cost of foamed cement is low.
                  3、 What are the uses of foamed cement
                  1. Foamed cement is mainly used for retaining wall, especially for rock wall of port. Because of its good rigidity, it can reduce the strong lateral load on the bank, and will not exert lateral pressure on the evolved bank wall, so the settlement is reduced. Therefore, the maintenance cost is also reduced and the cost in the use process can be saved.
                  2, foamed cement is also used in the construction of track and field running fields and sports grounds. The foamed concrete with strong drainage performance can be used as the foundation and covered with artificial turf as a sports ground.
                  3. Thermal insulation of buildings is the main field of foamed cement, accounting for 80% of the total output at present. Because of its good thermal insulation performance and the policy of building energy saving, it is widely used in the area of building thermal insulation.
                  4. Foamed cement also has a great market advantage in sound absorption of walls. Its advantages lie in its good strength and low price. It also has a great market in the walls of subway, shopping malls, cinemas, conference halls and other building walls.
                  What is foamed cement? Foamed cement has its special uses. Through the detailed introduction of the characteristics of foamed cement, we can also know whether we need to buy foamed cement. It is suggested that foamed cement is only suitable for use in corresponding places, and it is not necessary to use foamed cement in interior decoration.

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