The physical foaming slurry in foam concrete should have the following characteristics.

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                  Physical foaming is due to mixing the foam into cement (or other cementitious materials) slurry, so one of the most important characteristics of its slurry is that after mixing the foam, there are two changes in the slurry: a large amount of water is brought into the foam, and the slurry becomes thinner. In addition, after adding the foam, the volume of the slurry increases obviously, and is cotton like and elastic.
                  (1) water coming from the foam will dilute the slurry and increase the fluidity.
                  Bubbles are made up of bubbles, and bubbles are formed by water film wrapping air. Because the density of air is very small, the quality of foam when weighing is mainly derived from water film. The thicker the water film is, the greater the dilution ratio of the foam agent will be, and the more water the foam will bring into the cement paste. The worse the quality of the foaming agent is, the more unstable the foam will be. When the foam is mixed with the cement slurry, the more the water will burst, or the thinner the water film will be, the bigger the cement slurry will become thinner. In general, after adding foam, cement slurry is dilute to varying degrees. The rule is that the amount of foam increases in a certain range, and the extent of cement slurry dilute increases. The worse the quality of the foaming agent, the thinner the cement slurry is, because the bubble burst into water and increased the water content in the pulp. Therefore, foaming agent is not the greater the dilution, the better. Generally, the foaming agent can dilute 20~100 times. Excessive dilution ratio is excessive foam water content, too thin slurry, and imbalance of water to cement ratio, which will reduce product strength and product performance. It is not advisable to dilute foam agent to save foam agent. It should be diluted by 20~40 times and should not be misled.
                  (2) the volume of paste increases after adding foam.
                  With the increase of foam addition, the volume of cement paste increases, the maximum can increase by several times, and generally increases by 1~5 times. Because of the bubble breaking in the mixing process with the cement slurry, the volume of the foam cement slurry is always smaller than that of the cement slurry and the volume of the foam. The foam loss rate varies greatly with the mixing method and equipment, as well as the stability of foam agent. The difference is low, 3%~5% and high 10%~50%. Therefore, the volume increase degree is different. In chemical foaming, the volume increase of paste is mostly carried out after entering the mold; while in physical foaming, the volume increase is all carried out in the mixing machine. This is the most obvious characteristic of physical foaming paste.
                  (3) The paste is cotton like and elastic
                  With this characteristic, the greater the amount of foam added, the more obvious it is. When the foam is added too much, when the product is produced below 200kg/m3, the pulp is cotton like, but it loses fluidity and can pile up high. When the slurry contains a certain range of foam, the elasticity is prominent and the hand is pressed down. High quality foam cement slurry has strong elasticity.

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