Main properties and characteristics of foamed concrete

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                  oam concrete, also known as foamed cement and lightweight concrete, is a new type of building energy saving material which has advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, low cost and non combustibility.
                  Lightweight concrete (foamed concrete) is a concrete product consisting of a large number of tiny closed stomata and concrete with strength when it is introduced into concrete paste by chemical or physical means according to the needs of application, such as air or nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and other gases. Lightweight concrete (foamed concrete) is usually made by mechanical means to prepare foam solution. The specific operation is as follows: foam solution is prepared by mechanical means to form foam, and then added to the slurry containing siliceous material, calcium material, water and various admixtures, and then mixed, agitated, poured, molded and cured.
                  The construction of foam concrete is completed through a complete set of dedicated equipment. The whole set of equipment is equipped with feeding, mixing, main machine and other systems. During construction, on-site feeding, mixing and foaming are carried out, and they are directly delivered to the construction base surface through the high-pressure conveying pipe through the self-contained pumping system.
                  Next, let's learn about the main properties and characteristics of foam concrete.
                  1. High heat resistance. Foam concrete is a cement inorganic material with heat resistance up to 500 degrees Celsius and no thermal decomposition. Therefore, the service life of foam concrete is longer, and it will not cause insulation failure.
                  2. Green environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless. Foam concrete does not contain any toxic ingredients, foaming agent and all kinds of additives have no volatile harmful substances, which is conducive to the indoor environment.
                  3. Strength is better than polystyrene foam. The compressive strength of polystyrene foam is only 0.02 to 0.03MPa, while the compressive strength of 200~300 /m3 /m3 foam concrete is 0.6 to 0.8 MPa, and the compression resistance is better.
                  4. Lower cost of use. The total cost of 200~300 /m3 foam concrete is only about 100 yuan, which has obvious economic advantages.
                  5. The construction speed is fast. The foam concrete pouring can be flat and can not be laid in one piece. The construction speed of the foam concrete is faster than that of the polystyrene foam board 1/3.
                  6. There is no joint, which reduces the heat loss caused by the joint.
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