Points of daily safety check for electrically controlled windlass

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                  1.whether the circuit breaker, fuse, switch and socket of the power distribution box or switch box match with the power of the windlass motor, whether the grounding mode is in line with the design requirements of temporary electricity in the construction site, and the three-phase current balance of the motor meets the requirements of each phase current deviation.
                  2. being installed shall be qualified after the no-load test and load running test, no-load test whether or load experiment, any part of the body must ensure the smooth operation, no beating, excessive noise, the truss is not large sloshing, periodic change gear sound can not brake and clutch, flexible operation, can be put into use after passing the test;
                  3. reel winding wire rope must meet the requirements, the diameter of wire rope and drum diameter is consistent with that of wire rope should be layered neatly arranged closely on the drum (not too tight or too loose), wire rope shall be affixed to the running or pulling, pulling anchor (wind resistance) at the end of the wire rope used to be with the insurance shengka (an in line with the requirements of Quanwan);
                  4.whether the installation position of the windlass is flat, solid and open, and it can shade or rain, whether the hoist body is stable, whether the bearing strength and stiffness meet the requirements, whether the anchor or windlass foundation can ensure the hoist stability.
                  The 5. hoister should establish regular maintenance and maintenance system and account, the primary maintenance is not more than 300 working hours, and the two level maintenance does not exceed 600 working hours. The daily maintenance and inspection should be shut down and blackout.
                  6.the operator of the hoist must go through the professional training examination, pass the certificate, be familiar with the structural performance of the hoist, have the knowledge of daily use and maintenance, operate smoothly, and strictly prohibit overload.
                  7. the operation of air machine should be checked before daily work, and the reliability of wire rope, clutch, insurance ratchet, transmission pulley and mechanical and electrical control device should be checked. In strict accordance with the operating rules, smooth operation.

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