Several key points in the use of a hoist

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                  1. The winch that is installed after the new installation or after the dismantling is installed, first of all, the number of empty cars should be carried out. But before the installation is completed, try not to turn on electricity.
                  2, the motor should have a separate operation switch, and install the overload and moment protection device, the metal shell should be reliably grounded to ensure safety.
                  3. In the operation of the hoist, if there is abnormal sound, brake failure and high temperature rising of the bearing position of the reducer, the machine should stop checking and eliminate the fault.
                  4. In the use of the winch, it is absolutely forbidden to use the rated load and the rated closing times per hour (120 times) in the environment that is not allowed.
                  5, when installing, debugging and maintaining, the wire rope electric hoist must be strictly checked whether the limit device is flexible and reliable. The load test of the hoist is based on the rated load weight, and the repeated lifting and moving tests are carried out to check whether some of the mechanical transmission is normal and reliable.
                  6, in operation, the hand should concentrate on the energy, see the signal, and obey the command. Hoist operation, no machine hand off. When lifting heavy objects, the operation should be flexible and stable, not to rise rapidly or rapidly, and try to avoid emergency braking in the air.
                  The structure and operation of the hoist equipment are not complex, but if it can not be carefully maintained and repaired, it will fail frequently and shorten the service life. Therefore, apart from doing routine maintenance, the whole machine should be disconnected every year when the machine is idle or used less. Each part should be processed separately in 3 categories: Scrap, repair and application. Do not cause big problems because of small parts.

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